Thursday, April 30, 2015

Deathwatch Helmet Update: Battle Damage


So I made this cool, super awesome set of Deathwatch Super Commando armor, along with the helmet a couple of weeks ago. I finally posted about it last week. And of course, as soon as I had posted finished pics of it, I got to working on it again and made it look even better. So now I have to post new pictures, this time with battle damage.

I figured it looked okay new, but it was just too shiny. It didn't look right. These helmets get banged, dented, scratched, scuffed, and covered with dirt when used by a Deathwatch soldier. So I decided to put it through a few battles, and see how it would look. This is what I came out with after the second battle of Geonosis, and a couple incidents in the lower levels of Corruscant. (That, and a cup of spray paint and water.)


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