Monday, April 17, 2017

DIY Morakniv Companion Kydex Sheath

Not much today, just a quick post with some pics of a sheath I made the other day for one of my favorite knives (well, okay, it ended up being not so quick).

To put in a nutshell, Mora's are great knives, for incredibly great prices. They are excellent high carbon bushcraft blades made by the Swedish company known as Morakniv. Practically everyone in the knife world agrees that they are the best fixed blades for the buck (coming in at under $20), and simply great knives at any price. Resisting the urge to do a full review here and now, I'll say just say that they are absolutely awesome, and everybody should own one. Or two. Or three. 

But........they come with a really cheap molded plastic sheath. That darned sheath has been begging me for years to be upgraded. 

"Jake," it would say constantly, "Please upgrade me! Make an awesome, absolutely amazing, really cool Kydex sheath with leather belt loop! Please!!!"

Several years went by. Still, every time I picked it up and strapped it to my belt, it would say the same thing:

"Jake, please upgrade me! Make an awesome, absolutely amazing, really cool Kydex sheath with leather belt loop! Please!!!"

For years it said that. Every single time I looked at it. Every. Single. Time. 

It got very annoying. 

That Darned Sheath!!

Now don't take me to be some big, mean, sheath abusing monster. No, I wanted to comply with its most earnest request, I really did. But I didn't have the right kind of eyelets to make a good Kydex sheath, and knew that even if I did my best, with the materials I had at hand it simply wouldn't be satisfied. After all, it had asked for a "awesome, absolutely amazing, really cool" sheath, not just any old piece of heat formed thermoplastic. I knew what it wanted, I knew what was best, and so I waited till I could get the right parts. But other projects came, and I got busy, forgetting for a long while. Knives are, after all, not my only love. 

But then the other day, as I was rummaging through my dresser drawer, I caught a glimpse of a familiar olive green color. It was just barely visible beneath my airsoft gloves, a box of CO2 cartridges, several gum wrappers, my Ripstik wheels, some camo facepaint, and an empty plastic thing that smelled faintly of M&Ms; (that pesky drawer has been begging me to clean it out) but I knew my sheath when I saw it. Suddenly, before it even had time to begin its 'please upgrade me' speech, I was filled with a sudden determination. It was time. I would make an awesome, absolutely amazing, really cool Kydex sheath (with leather belt loop, of course).

I ordered the parts (amidst many tearful thank you's on part of the sheath).

And I began construction. 

This is the awesome, absolutely amazing, really cool Kydex sheath I made.

Leather belt loop is attached by small screw/bolts.

Drain hole in the bottom.

You can see the permanent marker I used to mark the shape out still on the kydex. Hopefully it will come off at some point. 

Anyway, that's the sheath I made. It performs well, and has great retention. I couldn't be more satisfied.   

And neither could my sheath.


Editor said...

Nice sheath!
How are you doing the rivets?

Anonymous said...

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