Thursday, November 2, 2017

REDNECK Forge out of a Bathroom Sink

This is the most redneck forge ever.


I mean, it's a sink. A bathroom sink. (so much less dignified than its kitchen-dwelling cousin) 

As ugly as all get out. 

It's also a super easy way to start forging out knives. If you happen to have an old sink lying around; that is. (Quite a large if for the more civilized among us.......) 

But I did. Actually, even almost didn't. Quite the close shave, it turned out. Sudden danger can come from the most unexpected places. 

When you collect and hoard as much (seemingly random and completely useless) junk as I do, it's amazing what stuff starts disappearing after a while. I nabbed this nasty old sink from a house my Dad and I worked on probably a year ago. He thought I was a nut. (my dad did) (still does) But knowing what treasure junk can be, (with the correct perspective) (which dear old Dad does not possess) I ignored his stony hearted stare (you know the look). And brought the old thing hime. 

My  sink then sat behind the shed for a year, waiting for the day I would turn it into a forge. A whole year. It sat. Behind the shed. Drawing no attention from anyone. I had not forgotten, I merely waited. 

Then a few days ago I (the owner) pulled it out from behind the shed (where it had been sitting unnoticed for the past year) in preparation for this project. I turn my back for a second (I only exaggerate when absolutely neccessary), and boom. 

It's gone. 

Now I'm not generally one to worry about anything. Worrying don't help nothing, so I make a point of doing it as little as possible. One thing I never thought to worry about was a sink thief in the neighborhood. Call me crazy, but I never gave it a thought. I mean, who in their right mind would make off with an ugly, dirty, nasty, moldy, broken, outdated excuse for a bathroom sink? No one, right? 


My mother

Yeah, that would explain it. Apparently my (ugly dirty nasty moldy) sink was "cute". It was in her flower bed. Stuffed with mums. 


Sorry mom. Go find your own sink. This one has Jake's forge  written all over it. 

Yeah, so a warning to everyone: Keep your sinks well  hidden. No telling who might take a fancy to them.

                                   ^^ My current smithing setup. (there is a vice on the table just out of frame) Not purdy, but hey, she works. 

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