Thursday, June 1, 2017

Duct Tape Necktie

I don't like to dress up. Ever.

And ties are the worst. Period. 

Put them both together, and Jake ain't very happy (Not to mention that ties are a dangerous choking/strangling hazard).

But in this crazy world of ours, many times the undesirable (and unsafe) is the unavoidable.

And Jake must wear a tie. 

But he won't wear just any tie, no, it must be a good tie. A worthy tie. An indescribably awesome (and incredibly tough) tie. A manly tie. A tie that screams awesomeness!!!! at the top of its (hypothetical) lungs. A tie that Jake would be proud to wear. In other words;

A Duct Tape tie.

Yes, you have heard of this legendary piece of apparel. That awesome article of uber fashionable clothing that only the boldest of DIYers dares to don. The only piece of clothing that will have the men falling at your feet and the gals staring with longing gaze from afar-

Or not. Let's face it, today's culture is simply not advanced enough to truly appreciate something as great as this. Oh well, one day. Until then, us enlightened few will just have to bear with all the funny looks and behind-the-back whispers. What? You thought I was joking about the staring? Oh no........


This is how to make that ultimately amazing awesome-ness exuding rather sticky grey colored thingamabob:

You can also read my tutorial on

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