Monday, January 29, 2018

2018 Update

Ok fella's. Here's how it stands. I'm tired. Of making stuff.

Kidding. I'm never tired of building stuff.

Actually, i'm tired of making and posting tutorials on 3 platforms. For the past few months, I have posted a full website tutorial, as well as a YouTube video, and a tutorial on, for just about every project i've worked on. And i've put a new project out almost every single week. 

That is a LOT of work. I don't think many people appreciate the sheer amount of work that goes into something like this. Let me give you an idea:

First, I have to find time outside of regular life, schoolwork, and work, to get out into the shop and build something. You guys know that isn't always easy. I then have to film that project. Which, contrary to popular opinion, is NOT as simple as just turning on a camera and continuing work as normal. It takes time to come up with things to say. Figuring out what I want the video to look like. Adjusting camera settings. Setting up the best camera angle. Multiple takes. In short, to properly document a project, everything takes at least 25% longer. After finishing the project, I then must transfer to editing the video. My most recent video took about 11 hours to edit.

11 Hours. Yep.

Then, to get the pictures for a website post, I go through the edited video and take screenshots. That takes a long time. Then I edit the screenshots, cropping, adjusting quality, etc. That takes a couple hours as well. THEN I upload the pictures to the website and to instructables.

Oh, and guess what? Then I must write a tutorial in the traditional Jake Makes style. Twice. (1 for the website, 1 for Instructables) Oh, and I need to make thumbnails. For YouTube, website, and Instructables. Then I assemble the tutorial. Stick pictures in the correct order. Take out unnecessary ones. Etc.

Upload video to YouTube.

Think up and add keywords. Titles. The marketing side of the whole deal.

Post everything.

Repeat every week.

In case you haven't realized by now, that is a stinking truckload of work. I found that in trying to get all this done to meet my once a week project goal (insane idiot Jake), the quality of everything suffered. My videos weren't very high quality. The tutorials were lacking. The project were, well, lame. In trying to get a project done a week, I naturally gravitated towards projects that were simple and easy, as they took less time to do, and I might possibly be able to get them done on time.

Basically, i've been short changing myself. And all of you following me. Not only am I working way too hard, but I'm not letting myself work on any of the truly awesome projects I really want to be working on, because they take too much time.

To be quite honest as well, I doubt anyone is even following this blog. Besides you two awesome dudes of course, Brokk and Jaden.

So I decided, for now at least, I'm gonna be taking a break from the website, (and ease back on Instructables), to focus my attention on YouTube and building really amazing projects. I won't be putting out content as often, but every project I do put out will be much better.

So go subscribe to my YouTube channel. (link in top bar)

See ya there. Jake out.

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