Friday, June 5, 2015

Just a normal day......

Has anyone here every wondered what a so called 'normal day' at our house would look like? Yes? Well now you get your wish.

So what happens in a day at our house? Well, it's often crazy, and wild, with lots of people constantly running back and forth, yelling, and trying to kill each other with foam swords. It is also often surprisingly quiet, when most people are locked away in their rooms doing schoolwork or chores.

The day starts at 6:30 in the morning, when the alarm goes off. (Not that I get up when the alarm goes off) I usually end up sleeping in for another 15-20  minutes, while everyone else gets a head start. Yep, lazy. The only reason I get up at all is because Ben yells at me to get up every two or three seconds. This can be annoying, possibly even warranting getting out of bed and tackling him.

After waking up, we have quiet bible time for half an hour. Then at 7 o'clock we start our math. For me it's usually more like 7:30, because I'm just slower for some reason, and I have to make my coffee. (Yes, I drink coffee. Please post objections below in the comments section) We do math for about an hour, then we do our chores, and then breakfast. Most mornings we make our own breakfast, which means that we'll either be eating a luxurious bacon, eggs, and pancakes, or scarfing soggy cereal. It all depends on how the morning is going.

Whenever we are done with breakfast we start on our writing. (what I'm doing right now) For writing we are supposed to write a page of something. Essays, stories, blogs, or anything else of that sort. I usually write on this blog or work on my book. (Yes, I am writing a book. A fantasy novel to be precise. If you haven't noticed yet, I do or have done just about everything.)

After writing is finished, we do family bible time. (about 11 o'clock) This usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

After bible time is reading, reading for 2 hours. This comprises most of our school, things like science, history, English, and all kinds of other stuff. It's really incredible all the stuff you can learn by reading.

I am also a speed reader, which means I can read really, really fast. I can read a book in less than a 1/4 of the time it takes for anyone else in our family. How? I have no idea. I have always loved reading, and for years I would read for an hour every night in bed. I guess it just takes a lot of practice. 

Anyway, after reading we do some vocabulary, and then we are finished with school for the day. Now onto the fun part.

So what do we do in our free time? Anything and everything. Literally. We build forts, manufacture weapons, fly RC helicopters, swim in the pool, play with Lego's, shoot blowguns, hunt cats (just kidding......kind of.), make knives, jump on the trampoline, explore the land, try to kill each other with Nerf darts, play basketball, swim in the creek, and just about anything else you can imagine. I am usually building something or other, anything from a bullet pen to a paper Clone Trooper helmet. The shop is littered with all my half finished projects. They are half finished because I can never stick to any one project long enough to complete it before I start a new one. I'll have to write a blog about that too.....

So anyway, here are a bunch of random pictures that describe our day pretty well. Enjoy!

 No, not Holloween. This is the Freak-the-Livin'-Daylights-out-of-Your-Sister-Game. Very popular around here, we have several different versions. This is the Ghost. We also have the Ringraith, Ninja, and Cyborg.

This is Zack, the master of interesting faces. 

This is Ben, Sam, and Abel, copiers of Zack, master of interesting faces.

Target practice

This is also Zack, master of interesting and somewhat (okay, VERY) repulsive faces.

Yes, that is Zack pretending to smoke a pinecone pipe.

This is one of the games we play, it doesn't really have a name. We dress up like in Bible times, and find all kinds of junk and trash around our land. We then have a big market, each of us setting up a store, trading for different articles of assorted awesomeness.

Ben, doing his writing in The Fort

We are exploring the creek in the back of our neighbors land. Lot's of fun.

The 'Bamboo Forest'

Working in the shop

Homemade pizza for movie night

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